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Listing as of Thursday, May 01, 2014

The following is a partial listing of the musicians from Sligo who played in nationally known (and local) bands during the showband era (1950 to 1990). If you, or anyone you know is not on the list, please let us know by clicking here:

Please click here to visit our In Memory page dedicated to those Sligo musicians who have sadly passed away.

Last, First Town County Instrument Bands
Behan, Christy Sligo Sligo Drums Those Nervous Animals, Hennigan Blooze Band, Indian
Blennerhassett,James Sligo Sligo Bass Kim Newport Band, Hennigan Blooze Band, Frances Black, Mary Black
Brennan, Frankie Tubbercurry Sligo Vocals Clefonaires Showband, Montrose (Frankie sadly passed away in Oct., 2003)
Brennan, Mickey Sligo Sligo Trombone Clefonaires Showband, Jack Ruane Showband, Victors, Jazz Ladds
Burns, Stan Strandhill Sligo Sax Capitol Showband, Jack Ruane Showband, Patch
Cavanagh, Kieran Sligo Sligo Bass New Blues
Carty, Rip Sligo Sligo Guitar Heartbeats Showband
Clancy, Frank Sligo Sligo Keyboards Stylos Showband, Fleet, Gerry & The Ohio, Magic Band
Conlon, Kevin Sligo Sligo Guitar Dingle Spike
Conlon, Tommy Sligo Sligo Drums Dee Leydon & The Powermen, Heartbeats
Devins, Sam Sligo Sligo Bass Tokens Showband, Foremost
Doyle, Tony Sligo Sligo Vocals Clefonaires Showband (passed away)
Duggan, Gerry Sligo Sligo Guitar/Vocals Duggan Brothers/Brotherly Love/Family Band (Sadly passed away 13 Sept, 2008)
Duggan, Ian Sligo Sligo Keybrds/Voc Duggan Brothers/Brotherly Love/Family Band (name changes)
Duggan, Joss Sligo Sligo Drums/Vocals Duggan Brothers/Brotherly Love/Family Band (name changes)
Duggan, Vinnie Sligo Sligo Bass/Vocals Duggan Brothers/Brotherly Love/Family Band (name changes)
Dunbar, Michael Sligo Sligo Vocals The Ladds
Dwyer, Johnny Riverstown Sligo Drums Cathal Dunne and Stateside (died in the 90's we think)
Ellis, Barbara Sligo Sligo Vocals Duskey Sisters, Sandy Kelly Band
Ellis, Philomena Sligo Sligo Vocals Fairways, Duskey Sisters. Sandy Kelly Band (a.k.a. Sandy Duskey/Kelly)
Ely, Pat     Vocals Savoy Swing 7, Smokey Mountain Ramblers, Rocky Tops
Fallon, Bernie Sligo Sligo Drums Smokey Mountain Ramblers, Rocky Tops, Tokens (sadly passed away)
Feeney, Gerry Sligo Sligo Keyboards Dee Leydon & The Powermen
Foley, Joe Sligo Sligo Bass Kim Newport Band, Showband Boys
Gallagher, Gerry Sligo Sligo Guitar/KeyB Ritchie Fitzgerald Ceili Band, Magic Band, Kim Newport Band, Aquarius, Sundown
Gallagher, Kim Sligo Sligo Vocals/Keyb Kim Newport Band (a.k.a. Kim Newport)
Gallagher, Michael Sligo Sligo Drums Kim Newport Band, California, Patch
Garvey, Pat Sligo Sligo Guitar Tokens Showband
Gillen, Roddy* Sligo Sligo Guitar Clefonaires Showband, Jazz Ladds
Gilmartin, Liam Sligo Sligo Bass/Gtr Ray Lynam Band, Hennigan Blooze Band, Stockton's Wing, Jargon, Foremost
Gilmartin, Michael Sligo Sligo Vocals Heartbeats, La Bamba
Gilmartin, Sean Grange Sligo Keyboards Roly Daniels Band, Philomena Begley's Ramblin Men, Brian Kennedy Band
Gordon, Dave Sligo Sligo Vocals Dave and the Friends (sadly passed away).
Gorman, "Flukie" Sligo Sligo Drums Generation Gap, Jivenaires, Jazz Ladds, etc.
Haran, Sean Sligo Sligo Accordion/Vcl Clefonaires Showband
Healy, John* Sligo Sligo Trumpet Savoy Swing Seven (John sadly passed away)
Henry, Dermot Ballymote Sligo Vocals Dermot Henry and the Virginians, Entertainers
Higgins, Tommy Sligo Sligo Keyboards Smokey Mountain Ramblers, Pat Ely & The Rocky Tops
Keane, Ken     Sax Heartbeats Showband
Kelly, Billy Sligo Sligo Drums Stylos Showband, American Pie (emigrated to USA)
Kerins, Aidan Sligo Sligo Bass Stylos Showband, Tom Kelly Sound, Fairways
Kilcullen, Noel Enniscrone Sligo Guitar Abilene Showband, Fairways
Lee, Eddie Sligo Sligo Bass Those Nervous Animals
Lenehan, Francie Sligo Sligo Guitar Stylos Showband, Ranchers, Twink Band, Cotton Mill Boys, American Pie, Rocky Tops
Lenehan, John Sligo Sligo Bass American Pie
Leydon, Dee Sligo Sligo Vocals Lincoln Express, Dee Leydon & The Powermen
Lynch, Phillip Sligo Sligo Drums Students, Dee Leydon & The Powermen (passed away in 2008)
Lynott, Dick  Sligo Sligo Drums Fairways, Quarrymen, Kim Newport Band
McDaniel, Masie Sligo Sligo Vocals Fendermen, Nevada Showband (once married to Fintan Stanley-passed away)
McDonogh, Joe Sligo Sligo Bass Dee Leydon & The Powermen
McGowan, Seamie Sligo Sligo Guitar Kim Newport Band, Those Nervous Animals, Shelley River Band
McLaughlin, Seamie Sligo Sligo Guitar Dee Leydon & The Powermen
McManus, Paul Sligo Sligo Sax Stylos Showband, Chessmen
McWhirter, Willie Sligo Sligo Guitar Foremost, Tokens Showband
Meehan, Pauric Sligo Sligo Guitar Those Nervous Animals
Middleton, Francie Sligo Sligo Trumpet Stylos Showband, The Plainsmen
Morrison, Noel Tubbercurry Sligo Bass Clefonaires Showband (Noel sadly passed away)
Moore, Tom* Sligo Sligo Guitar Pumpkinhead, Midnight Well
Mulligan, Dorothy Sligo Sligo Vocals Tokens Showband
Neilsen, Carl Strandhill Sligo Trumpet Clefonaires Showband, Jazz Ladds
O'Donnell, Liam Sligo Sligo Drums Tangents, Trinity, O'Donnells
O'Donnell, Michael Sligo Sligo Guitar Tangents, Trinity, O'Donnells
O'Donnell, Tony Sligo Sligo Guitar/Keybrds Savoy Swing 7, Dee Leydon & The Powermen, Fintan Stanley & Maisie McDaniel
Potter, Pauric Sligo Sligo Clarinet Clefonaires Showband, Ohio, Jack Ruane Showband, Victors, Jazz Ladds
Smith, Dominic* Sligo Sligo Drums Clefonaires (Dominic sadly passed away) 
Stewart, Noel Sligo Sligo Guitar The Relations, Showband Boys
Summers, Vinnie Sligo Sligo Sax Dee Leydon and the Powermen, Plainsmen
Verdon, Liam Sligo Sligo Vocals Stylos Showband

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