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The following is a partial listing of the pub groups and local bands that have may have appeared in the Sligo Champion entertainment pages or been culled from other sources between about 1970 and 1990 (and beyond). Trying to list all the musicians is an impossible task, but if you know someone in any of these bands (or bands not on the list) please let us know by clicking here:

42nd Street
Abbey Folk
Absolute Zero (Sean Sweeney, Joe Hunt, Martin Harte, Tommy Kivlehan - 1983-1986)
Alberta Bound
Aidan Rooney
Allegros (Pausie Fox and Sean Savage)
Allen Guitars
Aquarius (Linda Marshall, Henry McGlade, Pat Phillips, Gerry Gallagher, then Dick Lynott & Kieran Dykes - 1973-4)
Armstrong Group
Belhavil Ceili Group
Betty Reilly & The Escorts
Bill Quinn & Mick O'Hanlon
Bill Quinn and the Brakemen
Blue Devon (Liam Finan, Tommy Grennan, Mervin Hamilton & Eamonn McCole - our thanks to Liam Rooney for info)
Blue For You
Bobby McCaffrey Trio
Boy The Boy, The (Sean Sweeney Martin Harte, Fran Healy, Enda Mc Goldrick, Sid Rainey - 1987-1990)
Boys of Sligo, The (Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Martin Mc Ginley, Brian Mc Donagh and Michael Holmes-became Dervish)
Brendan McGee
Brotherly Love (Gerry-RIP, Ian, Josh and Vinnie Duggan)
Joe Burke Trio (Joe Burke, Kathleen Burke and Carl Hession from Loughrea)
Eddie Burnside Quartet
Bush Ceili Group
California (Gerry Gallagher, Dick Lynott, Joe Foley & Seamie McGowan, then with Brian Mullen & Michael Gallagher )
Canadian Express
Catch (Stan Burns, Michael Gallagher and others)
Chapman Brothers
China Red  (Colette Coen, Ray Coen, Sean Sweeney, Helga Keogh, Enda Healy, Cian Duignan - 1995-1998)
Coleman Country Trio
Colm Mulligan
Country Express
Country Feeling
Country Roads
Country Sunshine
Countryside Traditional Group
Dave & The Friends (Dave Gordon-RIP, Joe Foley, Rip Carty, & Dick Lynott - early 70's)
D.C. Sound
Dee Leydon and Lincoln Express (Dee Leydon, Seamie McLaughlin, Joe Foley, Joe McDonagh, Sean Scanlon, Philip Lynch)
Dee Leydon and the Powermen
Delta Dawn
Dervish (formed in 1989)
Des and the Strangers (Dessie Kerins, and others?)
Des and Good Times
Des Kelly
Des O'Kelly & The Buccaneers
Des O'Kelly and Group
Diesel Heart (Sean Sweeney,  Martin Harte, Helga Keogh, Christy Behan, Declan Harrison, Joe Hunt 1991-1994)
Diamonds (Seamie McLaughlin, Frankie Langan, Mickey Feeney & Paddy Costello)
Diamond Sound
Double Vision
Duggan Brothers, The (Gerry-RIP, Ian, Josh and Vinnie Duggan - changed name to Brotherly Love around 1974)
Duskey Sisters Band (Sandy, Barbara and Marian Duskey, Michael Kelly, David Moriarty and others)
Eastern Star
Easy Action
Easy Listenin' (Gerry Gallagher, Dick Lynott & James Blennerhassett-1974)
Emmett and Killoran
Extension 3
Face of February
Family Unit (Tony, Liam, Michael & Joe O'Donnell)
Feedback (Gerry Gallagher, Tony Gilhawley, Tom Phillips, Fergus Burke, Anthony "Magoo" McGoldrick)
Finn Family
Flying Aces
Foremost (Michael Gilmartin, Sam Devins, Willie McWhirter and Eddie Burnside...Liam Gilmartin on drums sometimes)
Forest View
Francis & Monty
Francie Roberts
Frankie Simon
Free & Easy
Gary Brogan
Geantrai (Dick Snocks, Kevin & Philip Flynn, Nicola Ryan, Steve Scanlon and Tommy Grennan)
Generation Gap/P2 (Vinnie Middleton, Seamie McLaughlin, Frankie Langan and Flukie Gorman)
Gentle Breeze
Goats Don't Shave [Sligo] (Terry Lenehan, Gerry Cox, and Billy Kelly)
Grehan Sisters [Boyle]
Green Gravel
Harmonics (Frankie McKiernan & George McKane)
Harp of Erin
Heartbeats Showband (Michael Gilmartin, Rip Carty, Seamus Foy, Noel McGowan, Joe McDonagh, Tommy Conlon,
Ken Keane)
Heartbeats (Joe Foley, Rip Carty, & Whitey Conlon?)
Heatwave (Sometimes name for the members of Goats Don't Shave - Dennis Murphy)
Indian (click for link) (Martin Harte, Christy Behan, Joe Hunt, Leon Donnellan, Declan Harrison, Pat McManus 1995 - present)
Irish Mist
The Ivy Leaf
Jack Daniels
Jargon (Charlie McGettigan, Brendan Emmet, Gerry Grennan, Liam Gilmartin and others.)
Jazz Ladds (Pauric Potter, Denis Phelan, Mickey Brennan, Stan Burns, Carl Nielsen-RIP, Roddy Gillen, Eddie McFarlane,
Robert Burnsides, Flukey Gorman, John Healy, Liam Gilmartin, Dick Lynott & others) early 70's to present
Jimmy Towey
Joe O'Dowd and friends (father of Seamie O'Dowd, one of Sligo's greatest traditional fiddlers)
John & Jackie
John Crummy & The Emeralds
John Doyle Sound
John Farry
John Healy and his Ragtime Band
Kelly Brothers
Kentucky Gamblers
Kevin Thomas
Kieran Farrell Group
Killavil Ceili Group
Killiney Ceili Band
Killivinny Ceili Group
Kilmailey Ceili Band
Kim Newport and California (Gerry Gallagher, Kim Newport, Seamie McGowan, Dick Lynott, Joe Foley)
Kim Newport Band (Gerry Gallagher, Kim Newport, Seamie McGowan, Joe Foley, Dick Lynott, James Blennerhassett, Sean Ryan, Brian Mullin, Paul Hamilton, Michael Gallagher - 1978-83)
La Bamba Showband (new name for the Heartbeats Showband in 1967 adding Paul McManus for Ken Keane on sax)
The Ladds (Denis Phelan, Mickey Brennan and Pauric Potter. Original name for the Jazz Ladds when they started playing in
the Silver Slipper lounge in the early 70's)
The Lakesiders
Leitrim Ceili Group
Lilac Wine (Terry Lenehan, Gerry Cox and Philip Lynch (RIP))
Limited Company
Lissadell Ceili Group
Magnificent Two
Maisie McDaniel & Fintan Stanley
Marie & The Wild Life (Marie and Joe Scanlon, with Whitie Conlon, Dick Lynott, Flukey Gorman, Donal Canann & others)
Mariners, The
Martin Wynne Ceili Group
Melody Makers
Mellotones (Vinnie Middleton, Padriag Conway, Eugene Stewart (RIP) and Michael McGloin)
Merry Folk
Midnight Well (Thom Moore, Janie Cribbs, Gerry O'Beirne and Mairtin O'Connor)
Misty Blue
Mountain Ash
Mountain Dew
Mountain Fever
Mountain Lark
Moving Cloud
Moyfolk, The
Moysiders, The
Muskateers, The
New Edition
New Sound, The
New Spectrum, The
Offbeats (featured Eddie Burnside and Noel Morrison)
Orange Blossoms
Paddy Killoran's Ceili Group
Paddy Ward
Padraig Brennan Singalong
Pat Ely and the Rocky Tops (Pat Ely, Tommy Higgins, Bernie Fallon (RIP), Francie Lenehan and others over the years)
Paul & The Country Boys
Pauline and the Bambies
Pauric Fox
Pearl Express (Michael McGloin)
Perfect Match
Phil McConnell Group
P.J. Murray
Professionals, The
Pumpkinhead (Thom & Cathy Moore, Rick and Sandi Epping)
Rafters, The
Rainbow Country
Red River
Relations/P2 (Noel Stewart, Nelly Stewart (RIP), John Fowley, Charlie Dolan, Ginger Cohen) - from Whitie Conlon
Reverb (Sean Sweeney, Martin Harte, Tommy Kivlehan, Micky Barr & Joe Hunt from circa 1982)
Rhythm Express
Robin Nancarrow
Rocky Mountain Rangers
Rory McGuiness Trio/Quartet
Round Tower Boys
Route 66
Rubber Clothing Company
Saloon Beats
Sandy Duskey & Easy Listenin (Sandy Duskey, Gerry Feeney, Gerry Gallagher, Sean Savage, Dick Lynott, and James
Blennerhassett - 1974)
Sandy Kelly Band (Sandy Duskey's new band after the Duskey Sisters split in 1983)
San Remo (Michael Coggins, Maureen O'Dowd and Jackie Gallagher)
Sean Dwyer
Seaside Ceili Trio
Shelly River Band (Seamie McGowan, Dave Carty, Tommy Kivlehan and Georgie Gorman)
She Said (Noeleen Tyrell, Sean Sweeney, Helga Keogh, Kelvin Gilmor - 1994-1995)
Showband Boys/P2 (Joe Foley, Rip Carty, Tommy Conlon, Noel Stewart)
Sid & the Stonecrushers (Sean Sweeney, Martin Harte, Fran Healy, Enda Mc Goldrick, Sid Rainey - 1986)
Silver City Sound
Silver Star Trio (Mick Coggins - accordion, Peter Healy - vocals and Peter Conlon - fiddle)
Silver Stars (Mick Coggins - accordion, Michael Coggins - guitar/drums, Jimmy Mooney - vocals, Martin Healy - drums) 
Singalongs, The
Solton Sound (Michael McGloin - one man band)
Sounds Easy
Sounds Traditional
Southern Comfort (Francie Lenehan, John Lenehan, Billy Kelly, Seamie McGowan)
Stag (Dick Lynott, Paul Emmett and David Moriarty)
Staganua (Hughie Lowry, Aidan Kerins, Terry Lenehan and Dick Lynott)
St. Mary's Ceili Bandshow (Tommy Higgins, Bernie Fallon, Padraig Fox, Sam Devins, Andy Healy & Padraig McManus)
Stoney Mountain
Strand Boys, The
Strange World (Joe Hunt, Gerry Sweeney, C. Kivlehan, C. O'Donnell, J. Woods)
Students (Gerry Feeney, Phillip Lynch-RIP and others)
Sundown (Gerry Gallagher, Joe Foley, Dick Lynott - 1975-76)
Sylvie Golden Trio
Tall Texan, The
Thin On Top
Those Nervous Animals (Barry Brennan, Eddie Lee, Padraig Meehan, Christy Behan, Seamie McGowan)
Tokens Showband/P2 (Dorothy Mulligan, Pat Garvey, Bernie Fallon, Willy McWhirter, Sam Devins)
Tom and Ann
Tom and Stan (Tommy Conlon and Stanley Tymon - our thanks to Joe Hunt)
Tom McGowan and The Glenside Folk
Tommy Higgins
Tony Marren
Tony & The Texans
Touchwood (Brian O'Shea, Dessie O'Shea, Gerry Cox and Dick Lynott)
Travelling Folk
Tree Tops (Seamie McLaughlin, John Fowley, Flukie Gorman, plus Jenny Hamilton, Lisa Stanley or Emma Maloney)
Trim The Velvet
Turning Point (a.k.a. Southern Comfort) (Francie and John Lenehan and Billy Kelly)
Two Paddys
Two Tommies
Wandering Minstrels
Waters and Flynn
Westerners (Christy O'Grady - keyboards, Jackie Gallagher - drums and Kenneth Reynolds - guitar from Michael Coggins)
Who Says What (Michael Holmes, Paul Emmett, Shane Mitchell, Liam Kelly, and Yvonne Cunningham)



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