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Knocknarea is a mountain of particular beauty and some historical, if not mythical, significance. Legend has it that the stone cairn which can be seen for miles around, is the grave of Queen Maeve (fore-mother of the Celtic peoples). Unfortunately, we may never know as the tomb has never been excavated and there are no plans to do so. One way or another, the cairn captures the imagination of all who see it, and stands in silent watch over the whole of Sligo and the surrounding area. 

The tiny bump on top of the mountain is the
forty foot high stone cairn known as "Queen Maeve's Grave."

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 A view of Knocknarea taken during a short flight around Sligo
in a private plane. I snapped the photo on approach to
landing at Sligo Airport located in Strandhill.

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This picture was taken from the top of Knocknarea
looking East. In the distance, the light colored strip
is Lough Gill.

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Our thanks to Kevin Bree for correcting a previous error

Knocknarea in the distance, This photo is from Carrowmore, site of many ancient burial dolmens and megalithic tombs.

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